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Haydn Clark's Datsun 1600/510 Sports Sedan

Haydn Clark's under 2 litre Datsun 1600 Sports Sedan circuit racecar. 

Previously a L20B fuel injected engine with 215 flywheel Hp and now being converted to a SR20VE. Nismo s15 6 speed, r180 LSD. 

The car has many fabricated and off the shelf Mad Dat parts including: Brackets & mounts, Front adjustable struts with 4 spot conversion, r180 27 spline billet rear CV drive shafts, Custom made aluminium tail shaft, Steering components, rear brake conversion, Adjustable camber and toe rear suspension, plus race track support.

This car holds various class Hillclimb records at Haunted Hills, Collingrove, Bathurst (correct direction), Mt Alma Mile, Legends of the Lakes Mt Gambier, Ararat short and long tracks and various circuit racing wins.