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Datsun 1200/B110 13B Rotary Engine Fitting Kit

SKU: FK13B1200


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Fitting kit to fit a Mazda 13B into a Datsun 1200, B110, B120, B122 .

The kit includes custom tubular engine cross member, gearbox cross member, engine brackets, MadDat custom rubber engine mounts, gearbox rubber mount, gearbox adapter to suit Mazda 13B gearbox, custom 22mm anti sway bar with bushes and link ends.

This kit is designed to suit a Mazda RX7 S4/5 engine and gearbox.

Please advise via the drop down box if your gearbox is flat or a v mount where the original Mazda rubber gearbox mount bolts the the gearbox.

We also sell a larger transmission tunnel to suit.

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