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Datsun Stanza/PA10 SR20 Engine Fitting Kit



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Complete fitting kit to fit a SR20 into a Datsun Stanza/PA10.  Kit includes modified engine crossmember (please see note), gearbox cross member to suit 5 or 6 speed (please see not below and select type from drop down menu below), modified SR20 steel engine brackets (please see note), rubber engine mounts and adjustable 22mm sway bar.

NOTE: This kit requires you to send us your original unmodified Datsun Stanza engine crossmember and SR20 engine brackets which we modify and send back with the rest of the fitting kit.  The kit cannot be sent if we do not receive your original items to modify.  For international customers alternate arrangements can be made, please contact us for more information. 

Gear box cross member: We need you to let us know via the drop down menu below if your car was originally a manual or automatic (as they were 2 different size bodies) and what gear box you'll be running with the SR.

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