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Ryco 4x4 Catch Can and Filtration Upgrade Kit


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Even with meticulous maintenance, sludge build-up is inevitable. Therefore, the best way to keep a CRD (common rail direct) diesel engine running at its peak performance always is by using a Ryco catch can. A catch can separates oil, hydrocarbons, soot and condensation from the crankcase gasses, making the recirculated air cleaner.

Ryco has developed a crankcase ventilation system kit that efficiently removes the impurities from the crankcase air. This kit fits between the engine PCV valve and the engine air intake. It contains a Ryco-replaceable filter that is highly efficient at coalescing impurities in the crankcase air. These impurities eventually get larger and larger until it drips down into the Ryco catch can’s high capacity 310ml reservoir. The reservoir is fitted with a secure drain for easy removal and maintenance.

It is recommended to check and drain fairly regularly on the first installation to determine the crankcase output, but most CRD engines will require a drain with every oil change. Different drain intervals may be required depending on engine power output, usage, and mileage. The filter is easily changed out by removing four of the catch can housing screws and replacing it with a new Ryco Filter. 

The catch can also feature an integrated relief valve that opens under excess crankcase pressure if the filter is blocked. The filtered crankcase ventilation gasses will now no longer deposit sludge in the intake, saving CRD engine owners expensive trips to the mechanic. 

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