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Subaru WRX, Nissan 200SX / Skyline Winmax W6.5 Front Race Brake Pads (Sumitomo Calipers)

SKU: WMP351-W6.5

$346.50 $385

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Compound: Semi-metallic
Friction: 0.47 – 0.50µ
Temp range: 50 – 800degC

Competition brake pads for rally, sprint and hillclimb

Motorsport pads, Tarmac and Gravel.

The WinmaX W6.5 compound was developed by taking the very best charateristics from the original W7 compound to create a pad that is long lasting, has mid-high friction and works from very low right through to extreme temperatures around 800?. This compound is extremely consistent throughout the temperature range offering the driver repeatable brake pedal performance and confidence. W6.5 is a common choice amongst prefessional race and rally teams.

This pad is ideal for:
Tarmac Rallying
Gravel Rallying
Sprint racing for small to medium cars 

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