Brakequip Machine


We are your local Adelaide Hills Brakequip Authorised Manufacturer and can make our own hydraulic clutch and brake hoses! Our revolutionary BrakeQuip Brake Hose Manufacturing System can manufacture and test any hydraulic brake or clutch hose for any make and model of car, plus we can make them for trucks, trailers, motorbikes, or farm equipment - all to international standards. We can either replicate the old standard hose or custom make something to better suit your needs.


There is a huge range of hose fittings so if we don’t carry it in stock as a standard item we can order it and have it delivered the next day. Hoses are available in a choice of rubber starting from $70 per hose, or braided starting from $90 per hose. There is also a choice of colours for the braided hose as well as the inserts.